Springtime Weekend at MC: The Natchez Trace Trails

Now that the weather has warmed up and the pollen has settled nicely onto car windshields and cracks in the pavement, it finally feels like spring!

I don’t know about you, but springtime urges me to be outside at every possible moment.


I’ve learned from the best! MC students are pros at creatively coming up with ways to stay outside in the gorgeous weather while not wasting valuable time.

Of course you can study, eat meals, and hang out with friends just as well outside as you can inside, but what about those days you just need to get off campus and move around? Luckily, the Jackson area provides lots of free ways to get outside and be active or just relax.


Some of my favorites are the Natchez Trace trails. Not only does the Natchez Trace lead you to one of the most popular shopping centers, The Renaissance, but it also leads you to their beautiful network of biking and walking trails.


For a great springtime afternoon, try grabbing a cup of coffee from Barnes and Noble at the Renaissance, window shopping around this popular shopping marketplace, and then getting some exercise walking on the Trace trails across the street. The trails give a great view of the Renaissance, but also dip into the woods for a secluded, quiet walk.

images (1)

Bring a picnic and a few friends along, and you’ve got a great afternoon planned!


Happy Spring,


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