Admissions Counselor Spotlight: Sam Maze

Sam Maze

Say “Hello!” to Sam Maze.  Sam is another one of our elite admissions counselors at Mississippi College.  He has been working for MC since the summer after his graduation in 2012.  Locally, Sam recruits for Clinton High School, Clinton Christian Academy, Mt. Salus, Jackson Public Schools, Northeast Mississippi Community College, and Ittawamba Community College.  He also handles admissions for students from Northeast Mississippi, East Tennessee, North Alabama, and Georgia.  If Sam is your recruiter, you should definitely get to know him.

Sam loves being an admissions counselor.  From his viewpoint, Mississippi College has given him so much, and this is a great way to give back to his Alma Mater.  Sam Maze played football all four years he was a Choctaw and found great mentors through his coaches.  He also made lasting friendships through his team members and classmates and also met his fiancé, Candice, here.  As an admissions counselor, Sam gets to watch other people become apart of the community that has blessed him so much.  MC has such a strong Christian environment, and Sam greatly enjoys experiencing that each day.  He works with an encouraging admissions staff and feels that they each complement one another and work well collectively.

As expected, Sam enjoys all things sports.  He’ll gladly attend any sporting event or participate in any competition that’s occurring around him.  His pastimes include fishing, working out, and simply having a good time with his family and friends.  One of Sam’s absolute favorite activities is working at his grandfather’s farm in North Alabama.  Mr. Maze knows the value of a good day’s work and greatly appreciates the opportunity to participate in some manual labor every once in a while.


The primary advice Sam would offer to high school seniors is that they should trust that the Lord has a plan for their lives.  Even though it’s not always obvious, the Lord is always in control and knows what He’s doing.  Sam has definitely seen this displayed in his own life specifically pertaining to his college experience.  Sam came to MC his freshman year to play football, but still questioned if MC was the right place for him to be from time to time.  Looking back, Sam unquestionably knows that being a student at Mississippi College was all a part of the Lord’s will.  The environment at MC was so encouraging and allowed him to grow immensely over his four years.  This experience strengthened Sam’s faith and permitted him to see the goodness of the Lord’s timing more clearly.  Sam would advise you to trust in the Lord at all times and depend on His guidance above all else.

If you have any questions for Sam Maze, or if you want to get to know him a little more, e-mail him at

– Andrew

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