Music: The Oh Hellos

oh hellos2

I really do love music. I love the way it makes me feel, I love the way it defines different points in my life, and I love the way I find out about it.

I walked across the hall into one of my best friends dorm rooms and heard him listening to “The Oh Hellos”. I automatically asked “who is this?” and then I asked “where did you find them.” These are my two go-to questions when I find good music. I was instantly captured by the multi-layers of voices and instruments. This band is on the rise.

oh hellos

They recently released their album on Noisetrade for free! Check it out here and feel free to donate! They suggest listening to it in one setting start to finish and I couldn’t agree more! Enjoy the track bellow and check out “The Oh Hellos!”

-Kenneth Gray, Music lover, telecounselor, and new fan of The Oh Hellos

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