International Festival 2013

Two weeks ago, Mississippi College held their annual International Festival. With several countries and cultures present, the international festival was colorful and intriguing. Here are some pictures!

The international festival was hosted by two MC students, Do Nhi Linh Ngan (Linna) and Ty Brogdan.


The first section of the festival included international performances by students from all over the world. This student played a song on a traditional Chinese instrument.


Seoyoung Choi, and other Korean students did a popular Korean dance.


This Chinese Student from JSU sang a traditional song.



MC students participate in a skit, mutually put on by American and International Students



MC’s international students show Americans how Soccer is really played. IF20138


Following the International Student showcase of talent, students with international ties put on a fashion show modeling traditional clothing from their home countries.



MC prides itself in its diverse student body. Our International Festival is a must-see event on campus. Not only does the audience get to see the diversity of our campus displayed in all its glory, but also they get to be immersed in many different cultures.

Don’t miss this event next year, or, better yet, sign up and participate!


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