Flashback Week: Swerve & Follies


Swerve is a campus event that occurs during Derby Week after Spring Break every year.  Derby Week is a time for clubs and tribes to compete in different, fun activities!  Swerve is a dance competition where members of the clubs and tribes choreograph a dance and perform it in front of judges and the student body.  It is one of the most popular activities on campus and the student body loves to participate to see which club and tribe wins!

This past spring, with hilarious hosts and intense dance moves, Swerve proved to be another big hit on MC’s campus.  All of the clubs and tribes put so much effort and hard work into these dances and they always do a fantastic job.  There is a winner for one club and one tribe, and then one overall winner is chosen.  The overall winner gets to choose an organization that the ticket sale proceeds will be donated to.

This past year, the tribe winner was Laguna and the club winner was Civitan.  Laguna also won the overall competition and chose to donate to The Mustard Seed, a nonprofit organization that gives employment, activity, and community for mentally handicapped adults.  If you have the chance, you should totally take part in the Swerve event for a lot of fun and entertainment.  Here are some pictures from this past years event.


The hosts – Hannah Livingston & Bennon Hodges














Follies is an event for all students who participate in Rush to join one of the clubs or tribes.  Follies occurs during Homecoming Week in the Fall and each group chooses a theme to act out in a skit for roughly ten minutes.  For this past year’s event, Shawreth placed first with the theme of The Sandlot.  Nenamoosha placed second with a MC Time Travel theme, and Laguna placed third with a Wizard of Oz theme.  All of the groups did an outstanding job as preparing for Follies takes a lot of time and effort from each rushee and I know it’s a rewarding experience.

You can view the video from Follies 2012 here  and check out some pictures from it below.






Swerve and Follies are a great way to get involved and to spend some time with other students on campus, I hope you join in on the fun!  Enjoy your summer!

– Jordyn

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