Flashback Week: New Buildings Opened

Recently, MC has been through many renovations in order to better satisfy it’s students and faculty.  In the Fall of 2012 MC opened a 3-level parking garage conveniently located in the area referred to as ‘Egypt’ behind Latimer-Webb and the dome.  As you can imagine, this has been such a nice addition to our parking areas as it provides more space and a covered area for vehicles along the outskirts of the campus.

photo (15)

MC also opened Pimentos Cafe this past Fall as a new location for dining out.  In addition to The Caf and Hampsteads, Pimentos is conveniently located in Downtown Clinton on the brick streets so students can easily walk there on their lunch break.  It has awesome outdoor-covered seating so on a nice day you can enjoy your pimento cheese sandwich outside.  The new bookstore is next door to Pimentos so after you get some grub head over there to check out some cool MC gear!

photo (17)

photo (20)

photo (21)

This past Fall MC was proud to open our new Medical Sciences building that has a Cadaver Lab for students to use.  This is a great addition to our program as it provides new learning opportunities for our medical science students and to help prepare them for medical school.  Check out a video and more about the new building here.

photo (16)

By far my favorite new addition to campus, The Commons, or The Student Center, is a great place for taking a break to relax or can become your new favorite place to study.  The Commons has a coffee shop located just inside the entrance so students can get a coffee and a muffin for a snack.  The center has tons of seating areas for setting up your computer or just to lounge and read a book.  There are also two enclosed rooms in the center for any group activity that needs to take place.  There’s a couple of large TV’s in the center as well for entertainment purposes.  Come relax in The Commons and have fellowship with other students!

photo (22)

This was taken on a closed day… there’s always huge cookies and muffins in that glass container!

photo (23)

Looking forward to what MC builds next!


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