Throwback Thursday: Dave Barnes Choctaw Fest

Today, we’re throwing back to Choctaw Fest with the one and only Dave Barnes!


I remember when my friends and I (avid Dave fans) heard he was coming for the Choctaw Fest concert–we were out of our minds.

In truly dedicated preparation, we watched his hilarious Christmas extravaganza videos every day until we could quote them!

Here’s a quick extravaganza glimpse. There’s a lot more where that came from.

The day of the concert, I distinctly remember walking across “the bowl” to my dorm as Cab and Dave Barnes’s crew was setting up the stage. The sound check could be heard bumping through the whole campus. It got me so pumped I couldn’t focus on homework the rest of the day!

My friends and I spent the rest of the afternoon making Christmas extravaganza signs, which I’m sure no one understood unless they’d seen his videos or have a ridiculous sense of humor.


When it was time for the concert, we bundled up with coats, scarves, our hand-made signs, and claimed our spot on the front row. Dave brought the house down singing our favorite songs while we sang along and screamed for more. In between songs, we would chant our poster quotes until he acknowledged us. We thought we were so cool. It was awesome.


After the concert and the culmination of #letKatiesingwithDave, we waited around to meet him. We introduced ourselves and our signs, talked to him about his music and MC, and took lots of picures.

We even got him to “throw-it” for Laguna Social Tribe!


Happy TBT


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