Making The Most of Your Last Summer

For most high school students, the school year is spent counting down to one thing, summer break. It is the ultimate sense of freedom, and the beginning of a much needed three month break. This brings a sense of excitement and relief that no other situation really can. For you seniors, this is the last summer you’ll have as a high school student. This means you have to make it count. This needs to be the best summer of your entire life. Whether you are moving out of state or staying close to home, you are about to wrap up a signification season of your life and begin another one. This is your last chance to live it up as a kid, so here are a few tips to make sure you do it the right way.

1)  Go to the beach. Right after you graduate, it’s time to make this happen. Nothing kicks off summer quite like spending a week at the beach. The warm weather and the ocean brings on a sense of relaxation that you can’t find anywhere else. You owe it to yourself after twelve years of grade school. Make sure you take the advantage!


2) Stay out late. We’ve all heard the phrase “Nothing good happens after 2am”, but if you do it the right way, it’s possible to prove that phrase wrong. Be smart and be safe, but have fun with your friends. Stay up all night, sleep in late, and make memories. You’ll never remember the nights you got enough sleep.


3) Spend time with your family. You may think that spending time with your family is not important right now, but one day you will think it’s important. The older you get, the more you learn to appreciate your family. This is some of the last times you’ll get to spend living in the same house as your family. Don’t wish it away, but enjoy it!


4) Have a senior party. The night before you go to the beach (see above), you should throw one heck of a senior party. Find an awesome location, an awesome theme, and call everyone in your senior class. Whether you know them personally or not, get them all together. These are the people who you have shared hallways with for twelve years, take one night and celebrate with them.


5) Go on a mission trip. Whether it’s overseas, or right in your home town, take a week this summer and share the love of Christ with other people. These types of trips can change your life forever, as well as other lives around you.


Have a great summer and live it up!

– Jordan

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