All About Rush at MC

One of the most exciting parts of fall semester is rush!

Rush begins with two weeks of general rush, where everyone can get to know all the clubs and tribes on campus. General rush is full of meet and greet, Rush Fair, rush skits, and Coke parties. These weeks are a great time to meet new friends and make those first college memories together.



After general rush, you pick your club or tribe and the real fun begins!

This is the season of busy nights, lots of laughter and tears, and forming relationships that will last. Rush differs depending on the clubs and tribes, but Follies is the culmination of the rush process.




Every pledge class practices for hours to prepare a production with music, dancing, and hilarious skits and they all perform them on the same night during homecoming weekend. The Weekend is jam packed with Follies, the Homecoming float, tailgate, and cheer competition.



Through the entire rush process, I have gained friendships that are priceless and incomparable. The bond of sisterhood or brotherhood formed during rush is unique in and of itself and will not soon be forgotten!


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