Jars of Clay – The Long Fall Back to Earth

I’m sure a lot of us listen to Jars of Clay or have at least heard of them.. I mean they ARE one of the most popular Christian rock bands out there.  Jars of Clay have been jamming since ’93, blessing us with music for our ears.  I remember being a young girl going through my dad’s CD collection and coming across some old-school Jars of Clay work.  I’ve really started to appreciate Jars of Clay as I’ve gotten older and can respect them as musicians and people.


The four-member group has produced a lot of excellent work over the past two decades, but my all-time favorite album they’ve put out was released in 2009, ‘The Long Fall Back to Earth’.  First off, isn’t that such a cool name?  One thing I love about music is that as listeners we can interpret the music any way we want to.  This album title could mean a lot of things, but to me it represents the story of any Christian’s life – striving to live by God’s will on this Earth knowing there’s something greater in store for us after our time here.  I’m interested to what other people’s opinions are, so if you’re a fan leave a comment down below and we can chat it up!

‘The Long Fall Back to Earth’ has a similar sound to Jars of Clay’s previous album, ‘Good Monsters’.  I’d say it’s bit more alternative & catchy than some of their worship albums (those are equally great, too) so if you’re into alternative rock with Christian themes, I’d suggest you check out ‘The Long Fall Back to Earth’.  One of my favorite songs is ‘Closer’ off of the album.  With a catchy rhythm and lyrically-awesome metaphors throughout the song, I think you’ll be able to groove to it.  JOC’s latest album is called ‘The Shelter’ and it’s a gem, too.  Focused on the importance of community, this album features other Christian artists such as Derek Webb, David Crowder, Toby Mac, and Amy Grant.  The single ‘The Shelter’ is my favorite off of the album, it’s such a beautiful song about living in the shelter of each other.

Here’s a music video of the band in Africa performing ‘Two Hands’, their first radio single off of this album.


Jars of Clay is touring this summer! See if they’re coming near you here.

Isaiah 64:8 – ‘Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.’

We are all jars of clay being molded by each step our Savior provides.  Have a blessed day.

– Jordyn

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