College Tip: Don’t Bring Everything to College

Move In Group

If you are an upcoming Mississippi College freshman, your move-in day is fast approaching.  Freshman Move-in Day is set for Saturday, August 24th this year.  Get ready for your world to change!  As you are packing and getting ready to move into your new dorm room, be careful not to pack too much.  Trust me, you don’t need as much as you think.

Whenever you first arrive on MC’s campus, you will be greeted by some lovely people.  They are the upperclassmen of MC who have volunteered to help you move into your dorm.  For their sake, limit your luggage on move-in day; it will make their lives exponentially easier.  They will greatly appreciate it.  Take into account what you really need to have at college, and if there is any doubt about something, leave it at home.  You will survive.

Remember that you are sharing your room with another person and they are bringing belongings too.  Be conscientious of your roommate’s space and don’t bring the world.

Move In Day 4

What NOT to bring:

          – High school memorabilia:  Let’s be real; those days are over.  Don’t pack your letterman jacket or anythings overtly high school themed.

          – Off-season clothes:  You’ll have the chance to go home over Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.  These are the perfect times to switch out seasonal clothes.  You don’t have enough room in your closet and dresser for your entire wardrobe.

          – Excessive furniture:  MC provides two beds, two dressers, and two desks for each room.  You really don’t need that much more.  Bring a couch/futon and possibly a small table or entertainment system.  Just don’t overdo it.  You’ll appreciate the extra floor-space and the ability to actually walk around your room.

          – Every movie/book/game you own:  You may have high hopes of watching a lot of movies with your friends or reading your entire library, but it’s not going to happen. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy while you’re at MC.  Bring a few of your favorite movies and a couple of books to fill your free time, and leave the rest at home.

          – Plaques and awards:  As general rule – if it’s extremely important, don’t bring it.  There is always that chance things could get ruined.  Don’t risk losing something important to you.

          – Too many t-shirts:  Colleges practically hand out t-shirts.  You’ll acquire plenty over your years at MC, so don’t bring an abundance freshman year.

Talk to your roommate before you move-in and split up the things you need to bring.  Also start small, you can always bring more things throughout the semester as you have room.  It’s better to start by bringing a few things you can add to rather than bringing too much on the first trip.

Move In Day 3

We look forward to seeing you very soon!  Happy Move-In!

– Andrew, 3-year move-in day competitor

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