Meet Jordyn!


Well hello all, the name is Jordyn and I’m a new blogger for the Summer!  I’m ecstatic about this  job and want to give as much information as  I can to help you new students get accustomed to college life by sharing our experiences.  I am incredibly thankful that I ended up at MC because being a student here has helped me grow and learn about myself more than I ever imagined.

So, here is a little about  myself:

–  A senior Interpersonal & Public Communications major (which I love a lot)

– Spanish & Marketing minor

– Open-minded & always up for interesting conversations

– Music enjoyer, specifically a hip-hop head

– Bike & skateboard rider

– Amazed that we have a God who created us & loves us & overwhelms us with grace

It feels like I was a freshman yesterday, and now here I am with only a year left.  Time really does fly, so enjoy and make the most out of your college experience.  Stay tuned in and check out older blog posts to learn more about college life here at MC.

– Jordyn

2 responses to “Meet Jordyn!

  1. Nice to meet you Jordyn! My name is Desirée Tolliver and I’m ECSTATIC about being an MC freshman this upcoming Fall! Thanks for the blog! Ciao :)!

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