So you just graduated…now what?

Finishing high school is a super exciting time for grads.  You’ve been hard at work and now you’ve finally got that diploma… so now what?


I think it’s important for us to follow the plan, or steps, God has laid out for you.  If you don’t know yet where to take the first step, don’t feel crazily overwhelmed– this is normal.  I suggest to be in constant prayer about what life decision you should make.  Following the steps God has laid out for you can be challenging, especially if it seems there are no steps to take.  I encourage you to not be disheartened, but to stay diligent in prayer and wait until your next step is clear to you.  I cannot stress how much I have dealt with this throughout my college life.  From making decisions about what major to choose to what graduate school I want to attend after I graduate– I’ve had to be constantly in prayer just to keep myself sane.

Thinking about what college to go to and what to study is a big deal, and I honestly wish I had given it more thought before I came to college.  People always say you have tons of time to decide what major to choose and it’s not necessary to decide your freshman year.  I do agree with this to some extent, but I believe it’s very important to start getting a feel about what your interests are and what you could see yourself doing as a career.


Getting in this kind of thinking mode can be difficult for young people.  At this time, most of us aren’t too concerned or even looking forward to entering the working world.  This was definitely a problem for me as I had broad interests and didn’t really have a specific career goal my whole life.  Since I was a freshman, I changed my major three or four times (which is relatively normal for most college students) and then once I decided on one, I still didn’t even know what I wanted my actual career to be– and I’ve decided that is perfectly okay.  The transition to (almost) care-free, fun life to a student trying to prepare themselves for the real world can be tough, but I made it by the grace of God.  Like I said, being constantly in prayer and learning more about God really helped me become more diligent and focused on my studies and actually excited (with a teaspoon of nervousness) to work in the real world.

Some people do know exactly what they want to do, whether that’s a doctor or a computer technician, and others (like me) may have a more broad sense or not know at all what they want to do.  I suggest to do some research about different majors and career goals before getting to your college of choice, just to get yourself brainstorming about those decisions now.


MC’s Career Services is something I took advantage of and I hope you will too.  Not only can they help with resumes and interview tips, but they can help you decide what major is best for you.  During Blue & Gold 101 (a Freshman event) you take a personality test that matches you with some different career options.  Career Services also has some really helpful resources about each major MC offers and what careers you can do with it.  I suggest you check this out as it can give some great insight about our programs.


This is Jennifer McGill, the Director of Career Services and she’s totally awesome.  I’ve met with her multiple times to talk about major options and she’s listened to me rant about how I have no idea what I want to do.  She cares about students and is so helpful.  Schedule a meeting with her for sure!

On another note, check out this older blog about how to make the most of your last summer.  It’s important to be thinking about what to study, but don’t tie yourself down too much with worrying about what to choose.  You do have time, so have some fun when you’re not brainstorming about major options.

Matt. 6:34 ‘ Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.’

I’ll be thinking of our incoming freshmen as you guys are transitioning to this life and making big decisions.

– Jordyn

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