If you have ever seen a Facebook post or tweet that looked like this-

I just got some free music from @(Insert band name here) on @noisetrade.Download it here:

If you’re like me, these have probably caught your attention. I love music, and FREE MUSIC is always awesome and Noisetrade is a great place to find it! Noisetrade is awesome for two things. First, artists who aren’t “discovered” put their music on Noisetrade wanting to share good music with you (for FREE). Also, as a perk for their fans, well known artists such as fun., Needtobreathe, and Young the Giant put their music on Noisetrade just for you. So you are probably thinking, “how do these artists afford to put their music on  Noisetrade???” Well, think of  Noisetrade like this. You exchange your email address for some free music from fun. Then they come close to where you live and send you and email. You clearly loved their music so you buy a ticket to their show! Since they are now one of your favorite bands you buy a t-shirt and a poster while there. Now you are a full-out fan and you have supported them through the concert and the merchandise in return for a few free songs. The process is awesome. It keeps music artist alive and fills your ears with great tunes! Go check it out here  Noisetrade!

Check out Noisetrade and have an awesome spring break!

-Kenneth, music love and Noisetrade supporter

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