Orientation 101: My Story

O-ri-en-ta-tion: an introduction, as to guide one in adjusting to new surroundings, employment, activity, or the like.

You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

That was my exact thought walking into the dorm for orientation check-in 3 years ago. I had always had my own bedroom on the other side of the house from the family, and mom was always there to call me when dinner was ready. Today, I moved into a room with a stranger and was hustled off to the caf at Mississippi College for dinner, where I got to choose what I wanted.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified.


If there is one thing you should remember at Orientation, it’s this: Everyone is in the same boat. You’re coming to college as a freshman, leaving your parents home, and you’re about to make your own life.

Actually, there is one more thing you should always remember, and I quote the wonderful Amy Poehler on this, “You can’t look stupid if you’re having fun!” Orientation is designed and planned for you to have a blast, and that’s exactly what I did! Party on the piazza was amazing. I learned so many names and met so many friends that I forgot I was ever scared of this.

The three amigos, back in the day

The three amigos, back in the day

Even better than that was the Late-night Lobby party. This was truly a life-changing experience. Getting to hang out and talk with other girls and realize that I wasn’t the only one who was scared of change was so refreshing.

Making friends in a photobooth!

Making friends in a photobooth!

The next morning was registration time. Also not helping with my nerves was the fact that I hadn’t chosen a major. I felt so behind. Luckily that feeling didn’t last long. Mississippi College truly has some of the most encouraging faculty and staff I have ever met. As Junior, I am now a history major and communications minor, but back then I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself, and everyone assured me it was perfectly normal. Whether you have decided to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, missionary, or if you still have no idea, your adviser will make sure you get in the classes you need to have to graduate on time.

Edward Moak, your SGA president!

Edward Moak, your SGA president!

I was blessed to have Edward Moak as my orientation leader. You’ll get to know Edward, and you’ll realized why I was so excited to have him as my guide! Another key piece of advice: Your orientation leader is your go-to person (besides your adviser!). He/She will be able to answer almost any question you have about MC or calm any remaining nerves you have about your transition from high school to college.

One of these awesome people will be your orientation leader!

One of these awesome people will be your orientation leader!

Believe it or not, I was sad to reconvene with my parents at noon for lunch and dismissal. I had found a great friend in the girl I stayed with at orientation, and found a group of people I would definitely be seeing more of once I officially moved in. How could it possibly get any better?! Trust me friend, orientation is just the beginning of your amazing college experience at Mississippi College.

Just to recap:

  • Everyone is in the same boat
  • Have fun!
  • Trust your orientation leader/adviser
  • Make friends
  • Remember your toothbrush (I had to run to the gas station…)

Also, if you have any questions, tweet them at us!: @mc_admissions

See you at orientation!!


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