Orientation 101: For the Parents

We want to meet your folks. Parents and guests are welcome to Orientation! After all, Mississippi is known for its hospitality so it only makes sense…

We love it that parents want to be involved in your Orientation and we’ve got plenty of activities that are parent centered.

Thursday before dinner both you and your parents will have the opportunity to talk with your academic adviser. Parents are not allowed to go to registration/advising with you the next day, so this is their chance to learn about classes and the registration process as well as ask questions.

After dinner, we will be having a special worship night just for parents. While you go to your Orientation small group with your awesome OL (Orientation Leader) your parents will be worshiping and lead in devotion and prayer by our campus ministries (BSU, RUF, Lighthouse Ministries, etc).


This will be a wonderful time that you don’t want your mom and/or dad to miss out on!

Saturday, you’re parents are more than welcome to put on their workout gear and go on the Clinton Walk or Quad+Fit (Cross fit on the Quad).

We’ll have breakfast in Anderson Hall at 9:00 am and then a Student Panel Q&A and and Administrative Q&A.

Last year both panels were extremely helpful! Our students love sharing their MC experiences and will be answering questions about student life.

In the administrative panel parents will be able to ask questions to representatives from Financial Aid, Campus Security, Admissions, the Business Office, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Career Services.

So. Tell your parents that we have plenty of things that they need to be a part of while you’re living it up Orientation style!

Can’t wait!


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