Orientation 101: What should I expect at Orientation?

What should I expect at Orientation?

Why is Orientation important?

What all am I supposed to do at Orientation?

These may be a few questions hanging out in your brain. Hopefully, we can shed a little light on the glory of Orientation.

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If you are an incoming freshmen (class of 2018! what up!?) and have registered for the the June or July 2 day Orientation, then here are somethings that you can expect:

  • Get a feel for your new home – you’ll be staying in a Residence Hall, dining at campus eateries, roaming all over campus, and learning where all of the hang out spots are. Quick Tip: if you want to room with a specific person, show up at check-in at the same time.
  • Meet new people – Not only will you be meeting your future classmates, but you’ll be meeting/interacting with current students, faculty, and the admissions staff. You will be a part of an Orientation small group with an Orientation Leader. This group of OLs is so much fun! They have been prepping to lead you and get you acquainted with all of the ins and outs of MC life.


  • Have the best time ever – Now this one is going to be entirely up to you. Our theme for Orientation, which you’ll learn more about later, is You Are Here. We want to encourage you to fully be here! Fully embrace your new home with the attitude of “I’m all in!” For your MC experience to be the absolute best, you’ll want to get involved. Orientation is a great place to start! Meet current students and ask them questions about how you can be involved. Ask them to share their favorite MC memories! They’ll gladly tell you! Fully participate in your small group discussion and activities. Don’t just sit off on the sidelines, get in there! You don’t have to wait until August to start living the MC life!

I can’t believe our first Orientation is next week! It’s going to be a blast!

Look out for more informative posts about what to bring, etc. You can ask questions about Orientation or anything admissions related by tweeting at us at @mc_admissions.


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