Welcome Week


On the fence about whether or not you want to join in? Well, maybe this will help in that decision.

Here’s my experience:


I was welcomed in my dorm by a water bottle filled with goodies! That night, Micheal Walley and the rest of “the crew” (and CAB) hyped all of us up in SWOR. The Dirty Guv’nahs put on an AWESOME concert too!


Wiffle ball in Alumni was intense, to say the least! Luckily “Kickin’ it on the Quad” was soon after with free McAlister’s sweet tea and other goodies! Later on that night was one of my favorite events of Welcome Week: A Night in Black and White with the Royce’s! It was a great night of meeting the President of MC, along with other students, and taking silly pictures!


After a long night of meeting new people, a day at the Ross Barnett reservoir is exactly what I needed to relax! There was some awesome barbecue, great music, good company, and beautiful weather! The party boat was hoppin’ too (sorry I didn’t get any pictures of that party)!


I have a love for the brick streets in Clinton, so Flicks on the Bricks was right up my alley! All sorts of local vendors were out on the streets giving away an assortment of free stuff (also right up my alley), followed by a night showing of Sherlock Holmes 2 right there on Jefferson street!


I almost forgot why I came to MC: Education! Classes started Wednesday, but that didn’t mean the fun was over. A campus wide worship took place in BC Rogers, and it was absolutely moving how God is working through the students here at MC. Following the awesome service was another one of my favorites: Late night bowling!!


Unfortunately, classes got the best of me (and I started making lots of friends, good thing!), so I didn’t make it to a few of the events past Wednesday night, but I heard it was all great! The SUPA Market was set up on Pedestrian street did a great job of letting me know everything I could get involved with on campus. On Friday, everyone headed to Trustmark park for the MBraves game, only for it to be rained out! No worries though, everyone had found their niche and had a great time anyways!

While this is my personal Welcome Week experience, I’d like for it to serve as a message to any future freshman/transfers… PARTICIPATE IN WELCOME WEEK! I can’t emphasize how much fun I had, and that week is what made Mississippi College feel like home to me.  You can check out this year’s Welcome Week events and buy your packet here.

Proud Choctaw,


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