Welcome to the Choctawk!

So, this is the Choctawk.  A blog for students written by students.  Let’s explain the name– we are the Mississippi College Choctaws.  So Choctaw + Talk = Choctawk!  Props to our awesome boss, JJ, who came up with that clever name.  This is her, she’s a cool cat and the brain behind creating this blog.


This is a place to:

  1. See what college life is like for MC students
  2. Learn important and fun information about MC
  3. Connect with current MC students

We just really want students who are interested in MC to see what life here is like.  We do this by sharing our own personal experiences, giving advice, and overall letting you guys know what we (the students) and MC are all about.

We’re a group of students who love MC and want to share why we think it’s so cool.  We remember the time of transitioning to college life and we know how big of a deal it is, therefore, we want to help!

This is the Choctawk Summer staff.  We’re stoked to be doing this and can’t wait to share more with you guys!


(from left to right) JJ, the Coordinator of Communication at MC & our legit boss.  Evan, our photographer.  Jordyn & Molly, our writers.

Stay tuned for more blogs coming about life here at MC.

– Jordyn

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