College Tip: Grow a Beard


This might sound like a strange college tip, but bear with me.  College is all about gaining a new, unique life experience.  This habit has some definite personal ties to my MC story.  I use to shave four times a week when I was a high school student.  This habit continued into the summer until I attended orientation for Mississippi College.  While I was here, one of my friends dared me to grow my beard out.  I took this challenge up grew out a fully developed beard for the first time ever.  I have never looked back from this endeavor.

I now issue the same challenge to you incoming freshman males.  The summer before your freshman year is the perfect time to pioneer your facial hair growth.  The beard is a prime outward representation of your transitioning life.  It is a symbol of maturity and commands the respect of others.  If you can’t grow a full beard, don’t worry.  Grow what you can, make it look decent, and rock it.  Some facial hair is always better than none at all.

Bearded Man

There are numerous benefits to having a beards.

– Saves time:  People who shave regularly waste an average of 80 hours a year shaving.  Time is way too precious in college to be shaving constantly.

– Saves money:  Shaving products are super expensive, and when you’re on a college budget saving a few hundred dollars a year greatly helps.

– Healthy:  Beards protect a mans face from pollution and chemicals in the air and also prevent facial glands from being infected with various types of bacteria.

– Keeps you warm:  When the winter season hits, it’s always comforting to have that natural, extra layer of warmth on your face.

bearded man 2

In conclusion, many places of employment have strict rules concerning facial hair.  Because of this, college is the perfect time to enjoy these amazing benefits.

Check out this site if you need more convincing.  Bearded Gospel Men is pretty cool too.

– Andrew, 2012 Nehemiah Teams Gandalf Beard Award Winner


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