Ben Rector at Welcome Week 2013!

If you haven’t already purchased your Welcome Week packet, you will definitely want to now.


Ben Rector will be performing on the first night of Welcome Week 2013!

I was so excited to hear the news, being a huge fan (“White Dress” is my alarm every morning… Don’t judge me). If you don’t yet know his music, here’s a little bit to introduce you!

Preview of his 2010 album “Into the Morning””

Preview of his 2011 album “Something Like This”:

And just as a bonus, here’s a couple of my favorites by Ben!

His newest album “The Walking In Between” will be released on August 20, 2013. I know I’ll be one of the first ones to buy it! If you want to buy any of his albums, Ben is on iTunes or you can check out his website for merchandise! (Also, tweet at @benrector and let him know how excited you are for the concert!)

Make sure to get your Welcome Week packet so you can see him live! This is one concert you won’t want to miss, I promise!


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