Department Highlight: Communication


The Communication Department here at Mississippi College is simply amazing.  Yes, I am a communication major, but don’t let my bias fool you: it really is a great program.  When people inquire what I will and can do with my degree in communication, the answer is, ‘Well, anything and (almost) everything.’  I primarily chose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in communication because I had no idea of a specific career in mind that I wanted to do in my future.  Communication is a very broad field and that is why I chose to study it.  A Bachelors in communication will provide you with excellent communication skills that workplaces and employers desperately need.

Did you know: According to the Job Outlook 2013, the ability to verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization ranked #1  and the ability to work in a team structure ranked #2  for the top ten skills or qualities employers seek.  Classes like professional communication, dynamics of group communication, negotiation, and interpersonal communication are examples of practical, important courses we offer that can better these abilities.

Our ability to communicate is obviously very important in the world we live in.  You may think that communicating and the ability to be a good, competent communicator comes naturally, but I’m here to tell you it definitely doesn’t.  Yes, some people are naturally better communicators than others, but we can ALL improve (and we most likely need to) our communication skills.


The professors in this department are outstanding and so helpful.  They understand the importance of communication and want their students to take away practical information that can be put to use, not just stored away to save for a real-world job.  Studying communication has and will not only improve my abilities in a work setting, but it has also improved relationships in my personal life.

MC’s Communication department has a couple of different options for you to study.  You can receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and choose a specific communication concentration to focus on.  Every communication major will take 22 hours of core communication classes, and then 18 hours in your specific concentration.

These concentrations are:

  • Interpersonal and Public Communication
  • Journalism
  • Mass Media
  • Public Relations
  • Theater

A degree in communication will give you a broad skill set that can allow you to work anywhere.  A lot of people with this degree will go into the business world being managers or directors of communication departments, public relations specialists, media specialists, advertising agents, editors, reporters, education specialists, radio specialists, and script writers.  The possibilities are really endless.  The department here at MC focuses a good bit on enhancing the student’s writing abilities and prepares the students for a professional work setting.  The Communication department is also home to The Mississippi Collegian, MC’s student newspaper.  Communication majors are encouraged to write articles to be published in the newspaper– great to put on a resume!


A Theater class!


Senior Communication graduating class!

Check out our Communication department website here and the curriculum for Communication majors here.  If you’re interested in studying this, I’d highly suggest to schedule an appointment with a professor from that department and go chat with them to get a better feel for it.  If you have a specific question leave a comment below and I can try to help you out!

Hope you guys are getting excited for the Fall!  We are!

– Jordyn

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