Blog: What Can Career Services Do For You?

We’d like to start off this blog by giving a big congratulations to two of MC’s most loved faculty members, Jennifer McGill and Daniel Mortimer for becoming the two newest leaders to our Career Services office! We know they will both be awesome leaders and help students in their strive towards a career!


Now, you may be asking “What is the Career Services office?” No problem, that’s what this blog is for!

Overall, this office is designed to 1. Help you figure out just exactly what you’d like to do for the rest of your life, and 2. Figure out the quickest, most-painless way to reach that goal! Not only will they help you pinpoint a career that will make you happy (hint hint, undecided majors!), but they will also guide you in how to manage yourself professionally so you have a better chance at attaining it!


To break it down, here’s what CS office has to offer you:

  • Every school year, CS office puts on a series of events, including Career Day, where a plethora of employers come out to MC in hopes of hiring newly graduates!
  • They will help you refine and professionalize your resume and cover letter (fun fact: 60% of employers claim if your resume looks sloppy, they’ll throw it away without even reading it!) They have TONS of resources for your resume, seriously, go check them out at LEAST once before graduation!
  • Faculty members (like Daniel and Jennifer!) will participate in mock interviews with you to make sure you’re ready for the real thing!
  • There are plenty of people to talk to in the CS office if you have no idea what you want to be when you “grow up”. It’s their job to pinpoint a career that will satisfy your interests!
  • One word: INTERNSHIPS— If you can list an internship on your resume, it increases your chances of getting a career going. Heck, you might even turn that internship into a job!

The Career Services office is located at 314C of Nelson Hall! Contact for any questions!


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