Move-In Day: What To Bring

Move In GroupMove-In Day will be here sooner than you think!  Freshmen will move in on Saturday, August 24th at 8 a.m. and transfers will move in at 10 a.m.  I remember that early morning when I moved in and how anxious I was that it was finally happening.  You can check out the agenda for move in day here and a traffic route pattern for where to go here.

A good thing to remember is to not bring everything you own.  You can check out this post about what not to bring.  Some of these items we have listed can be bought after you have moved in, so keep that in mind when  packing.  The less bags and boxes you bring makes it easier on you and the student helpers for Move-In Day.  Once you wait in the car line and pull up to your dorm (new home!) MC students will be there to help you move your things in.  You tell a student your room number (so make sure you have it right!) and they’ll start carrying as many boxes as they can to your dorm room.  This makes the process go by really fast so we can keep the car line moving!Move In Day 3

Here is a general list we’ve created that we think are important things you should bring with you when you first arrive:

  • Clothes/hangers.  Remember that you will have a chance to visit home over holidays and breaks, so you can switch out your seasonal clothes then instead of bringing your summer and winter clothes all at once!  Clothes hangers are needed for putting clothes in the closets.
  • Rain gear.  The weather in the good ole south is bi-polar, so make sure you have an umbrella, rain jacket, or rain boots handy.  Yes, you should still go to class even though it’s pouring down outside.
  • Shoes.  Now, if you’re like me, you may have a large shoe collection but do not wear some of them (rarely) ever.  Be smart when choosing which shoes to bring, if you have a couple of dressy pairs that have a similar style, just bring one pair!  You can always get more from home if you decide you have enough room for them.
  • Shower shoes.  You will need some type of rubber flip flop to wear in the shower (especially if you will be in Mary Nelson or Latt Webb – our community dorms).  You can find the cheapest pair they have at a store as these will only be used for showering and they do not need to be stylish.
  • Shower caddy.  Some type of caddy or basket where you can hold all of your shower supplies to carry back and forth to the bathroom with you.
  • Towels.  You’ll need to supply your own towels and wash cloth.Move In Day 4
  • Extra long sheets and pillow. The twin beds at MC are extra long, so make sure you find this specific size.
  • A mattress pad.  This isn’t necessary, but placing some type of mattress pad on top of your dorm bed can make it a bit more comfortable.  Helpful tip.
  • Laundry basket/detergent.  This is helpful for not only storing your dirty clothes in, but to carry them to the washers and dryers. Washing and drying clothes happens to be free so gathering up quarters isn’t necessary!
  • Broom and dust pan.  We clean the dorms before students get here, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to do any additional cleaning throughout the school year!  Keep your room clean by sweeping it regularly.
  • Mini fridge.  This can be left up to the student to decide if it is necessary.  If you plan to eat every meal in the Caf, then a fridge probably isn’t needed.  If you think you will be using the dorm kitchen to cook, getting a mini fridge is something to think about.
  • School supplies.  A backpack, binder, folder, computer, etc.  Anything you’ll need to carry your things with you, to take notes with, and to store papers.  *Helpful hint: if you have a laptop, I suggest to use this to take notes on.  It can be must faster and easier to type than to hand write all of your notes during class.
  • Toolbox.  When decorating and hanging things on the walls, a toolbox may come in handy for any tools you may need.  I definitely didn’t think about this before I moved in, but luckily my neighbor’s dad brought a toolbox with him!  It can be helpful to keep one in your dorm permanently in case you need a tool later on in the school year.
  • Jumper cables.  I think this is a good idea if you have a car that you are bringing to school with you.  It’d be better to have those already on hand than to find your car dead one day and to be in a rut.
  • Lamps.   Your room will have an overhead light, but some students like to get their own lamps to put on their desk or near their bed in case they are studying late at night while their roommate is trying to sleep.
  • Dry erase white board.  These can be fun to put on the front of your door so you and your dorm buddies can leave notes to each other.
  • Curtains.  There are blinds on all windows, but some students like to get curtains to block out that extra light before the 8 a.m. class.
  • Pictures, wall art, or anything you’d like to decorate with!

I know what to bring differs with each person, but this is a list of what students typically bring.  Remember that some of these things can be bought after you move in, so strategically think about what you could wait to buy after you move in so you can bring less stuff with you! It’s also helpful to check with your roommate before you move in, that way you guys can choose who to buy what and share things!  You can check out the room dimensions here, which includes bed sizes and window sizes (for curtains).  We also wrote a blog about good places in the Clinton area to shop for dorm supplies.  I hope this helps when you start to pack and shop for college!

– Jordyn

One response to “Move-In Day: What To Bring

  1. This article brings back to me a lot of memories! When I moved in, back in the days, I didn’t know what to bring with me so I took as many as possible and then I realized I don’t have enough room for everything since my room mate did the same…Some things we sent back home and some other…well, we sold them to people around the campus 🙂

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