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Mississippi College really cares about it’s students and it is shown through our eager-to-help faculty members and resources put together by them.  Not only does every department have a tutoring service specifically for your area of study, but there are other helpful resources that have been made available as well.

Some of these I had no clue about until recently, and it really would have helped had I been aware of these things my freshman year.  So I hope you guys will take advantage of this!

The Mailroom / Print Shop


Every student who lives on campus gets assigned a Post Office Box and a key to go along photo (1)with it!  So be sure to change all of your favorite magazine or newspaper subscriptions to your new address once you receive it.  The Print Shop is also combined with our Mailroom and it is available to students. Some specific things you can do are:

  • Buy stamps/envelopes.  The sweet ladies or student workers in there can weigh your mail for you too so you can know how many stamps you will need!
  • Drop off mail to be sent out (you’ll need stamps, first) & there are drop boxes for student to student mail. (you don’t need a stamp for that)
  • Sell different kinds & colors of paper.  Resume paper is also sold here!
  • Bind books / stacks of paper.
  • Laminate small jobs like business cards.
  • Printing. They can print things for you, but no Biology related things. (as those are massive jobs)

Helpful hint:  Metered mail is mail from the faculty/staff departments and is run through the postage machine.  All other outgoing mail that is not from a faculty/staff department (in other words, personal mail) must have a stamp.  Stamped mail can be brought to the drop box located in the hallway outside of the Mailroom or it can be dropped off inside the Mailroom.  Mail must be brought to either the dropbox or the Mailroom by 2:30 to be sent out that day.

The Writing Center

writing writing2

Located in the back of The Leland Speed Library, The Writing Center is available to all undergraduate and graduate students.  These guys are here to help you with most of your writing needs.  If you have a big paper you are stuck on, need to learn how to format your work, or someone to proofread; they are there to help.  Students can set up weekly appointments for one-on-one tutoring, but a one time appointment and walk ins are welcomed.  For their hours, check the link above.

  • Help students from any department with their writing skills.
  • Proofread papers.
  • Help you with the format of your paper. (APA, MLA)
  • Writing Proficiency Exam workshops. Every student must pass this exam to graduate.  They offer tutoring for this as well.
  • They give out candy!

The Language Lab

jennings ll

Located in the first floor of Jennings, the Language Lab is put on by our Modern Language Department. Students who take a foreign language at MC will spend some time in this lab expanding their language capabilities and working on their language homework.  In the fall, the lab will now have iPads to replace the computers for the students to work on!

  • Watch movies offered in Spanish, French, Chinese, and German to enhance your listening capabilities.
  • Use study software/programs.
  • Study with your classmates in the lab & have second language conversations.

Career Services

We have actually just written a blog all about Career Services.  Located on the third floor of Nelson Hall, they are a great office and will work with students on developing professional skills.

  • Skill & interest assessment tests to see what professions line up with your personality! Great for undecided majors.
  • Work with students to develop a good looking resume.
  • Mock interview trials to help students with job interviews.
  • Help you find on campus or off campus jobs.

Student Counseling Service

photo (2) photo (3)

Located in the fourth floor of Alumni, the counseling service at MC is available to all students.  They understand how the transition to college can be tough on an individual, and they offer personal or group counseling sessions.  They also help students with any disabilities. They prefer students to make an appointment before arriving. They are there to help, so take advantage of it!

Healthplex / Baptist Medical Center


Located on MC’s campus, The Healthplex is our three level work out center.  Discounted at $115 per semester, the Healthplex  provides students with full access to the work out facility, private classrooms, spin classes, racquetball rooms, basketball courts, swimming pools, saunas, and whirlpool spas. Any student can tour the Healthplex before membership.  The Baptist Medical Center is available to every MC student and is located on the first floor of the Healthplex. Bring your student ID and insurance card and it is free of charge unless you need extra medical tests done while you are there.

These are some things offered by MC for it’s students. More blogs coming soon to help you guys know how to get acquainted with Mississippi College!  August 24th (Move-In Day) will be here before you know it!

– Jordyn

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