Residence Hall Room Shopping Near Campus

Hypothetical situation: You’re all unpacked in your new dorm, all settled in! You hug your parents goodbye and you’re on your own when you realize, “Oh no! I forgot a lamp!” or maybe a rug, or maybe you just feel like your room is missing a little decoration. Not to worry! There are PLENTY of places in/near Clinton and MC (that aren’t Walmart…nothing against Walmart but there is only so much it can offer!) where you can find great deals to personalize your dorm! These are a few of my favorites!

1. Big Lots

Located at 220 Clinton Boulevard, Big lots is just a couple minutes from campus! Here you can find almost anything! Bedding, lamps, decorative items, they even have great deals on food!


2. Target

I mean, yeah, it’s a pretty standard place to go for dorm supplies, but it is for a reason! There’s two that are fairly close to campus (both are about 20 minutes away). There’s one in Ridgeland, which is a 20 minute drive on the Trace, and also on Lakeland drive, a 20 minute drive on I-20 East. Target has more of your fashionable dorm stuff, and pretty much anything else you would need (food, electronics, clothing, etc…). I mean you know what Target has!


3. Local Antique/Thrift Shops

Don’t rule them out. You can find awesome retro decor in any of the dozens of antique shops in Clinton (most of them in historic downtown, a 3 minute walk off campus). My suggestion would be to wait a couple weeks and check out the local shops with some friends and see what you can find to decorate your rooms with!

4. Hobby Lobby

It’s right down the road from Target on Lakeland Drive, so hey, you could just go ahead and make a day out of it! Hobby lobby offers a plethora of home decor, but also dozens and dozens of do-it-yourself opportunities! You can pick up kits to build your own stuff, or even sign up for classes that teach you how to make your own furniture! I’ll admit this option is more for decorating and personalizing your room but hey. It’s gonna be home for the next 8 months so you might as well make it comfortable!


If you see me around campus, flag me down. We’ll go shopping.


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