Motivational Monday – Music: Beautiful Eulogy

Mondays are always a drag, like a case of the blues.  We want to start spicing things up a bit by posting fun blogs on Mondays to help us get through the day.  Be expecting music posts, devotionals, or anything else we think is of inspirational worth.


Today’s motivation is coming from Beautiful Eulogy —  a Christian hip-hop group.  Don’t let the hip-hop genre fool you, though, these guys are bringing their individual talents together to create this amazing sound blended with real instruments and spoken word rap to give it a indie/folk sound.  Interesting, right?

The group consists of emcee’s (rappers) Braille and Odd Thomas and their producer Courtland Urbano.  Urbano uses a lot of real instruments when producing their beats which makes it somewhat unique in the hip-hop world, as most use beat machines.  These artists have produced work on their own, but they have combined forces to make Beautiful Eulogy.be2

Braille and Odd Thomas started Humble Beast Records, a Christian label that comprises a lot of musicians.  You might have heard of rapper Propaganda.. he’s on this label.  I’d suggest to check out their website to learn about these artists and to get their music.  You can download their first album ‘Satellite Kite’  FREE from their website, through Nosietrade (which we’ve written about before).  They want to spread the message of the gospel through sharing their creative work.

The speedy and lyrical rhymes combined with the folk instrumentals should not disappoint.  These guys speak the truth of a Christian’s life and the trials that come with it.  Life is not glamorous 24/7, and they speak of real-life events and struggles they face.

Here is a video of Beautiful Eulogy performing live:

This video features Lee Green & Theory Hazit.  This video definitely shows their hip-hop roots and their versatility.

Here is another song called ‘Anchors’ by them featuring Josh Garrels:

I’m really enjoying Beautiful Eulogy’s music and I can’t wait to check out more of the artists from Humble Beast.  Hope the listening will take your Monday (& week) to the next level.

– Jordyn

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