Mini Orientation Recap – You Are Here Pt. 3

543673_10151756936911001_1481538981_n 156313_10151756936836001_1038322006_n 1009465_10151756936856001_1934301010_o 994250_10151756937031001_321445240_n 1073784_10151756937236001_1125771238_o 1097078_10151756937081001_1222063898_o 1102617_10151756937346001_1260228479_o 1094441_10151756937256001_1868860197_o 1078770_10151756937446001_401927680_o 1077316_10151756937786001_352779917_o 1078570_10151756937521001_2102069725_o 704856_10151756937836001_1662152650_o 183607_10151756937856001_1100887248_n 556292_10151756938146001_1373774763_n 375668_10151756938176001_1870209274_n

Though it just lasted an afternoon, Mini Orientation was a success!  Thanks to our photographer, Evan, for these great pictures.  We had such a great time on Monday welcoming you guys and I hope it was a fun experience for you, too!  Move-In Day will be here before you know it!  Check out some older posts about what to bring when you move in, shopping in this area, and how you can join in on Welcome Week!  Hope you have a splendid day!

– Jordyn

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