Department Highlight: Nursing


The Nursing program is very popular at Mississippi College. I’d have to say the majority of my friends are in the program or working towards it! Here’s some quick facts about it:

  • Virtually 100% of graduates are employed within three months after graduation.
  • Graduates of the School of Nursing consistently score at or above the state and national averages for passing NCLEX-RN.
  • 100% passage rate on NCLEX and employment of nursing graduates.
  • Accepts between 35-40 students each fall and spring semester.

If you’re interested in this field, your main building will be Cockroft Hall on the Northeastern point of campus! There are some admission requirements, but no worries. With the help of your adviser and a little hard work, you should be able to pull it off! Now I could go on and on about the technicalities of the RN program here at MC, but wouldn’t you rather hear it from the perspective of a real nursing student? Yeah, thought so!

“The nursing program at MC is the reason I chose the school. It has such a great reputation and I knew that if I was able to graduate with a Nursing degree from Mississippi College, I’d be set for life. What I didn’t know is how awesome it would be. The friends I’ve made since getting into the program last December have become my family. We laugh, we cry, we study, then cry some more. Just kidding! But they really are going to be the best friends you will ever make. The nursing program isn’t easy by any means, BUT it is so worth it. Getting to work with patients at Baptist makes it so much easier to see how I’m going to be changing lives in the future, and that is all I’ve ever wanted to do.” Anna Kathryn Ridinger, Senior Nursing Student.


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