Department Highlight: Business

Anybody else immediately get that song “Takin’ Care of Business” stuck in your head when you read that? No? Just me? Okay then…


Anyways, Mississippi College has an AWESOME school of business if that’s what you have been looking for! You can choose to major in business with a concentration in one of the following:

  • Administration (management of important business operations, usually including making executive/important decisions)
  • Marketing (Help to facilitate the sale of a product or business. These are your sweet-talkers)
  • Accounting (Being responsible for producing the financial records of a company. Preferably should be good at math.)
  • Finance (Helping to figure out just where the business or company’s money should go, invest, etc…)

The school of Business is the largest department on campus with over 1,000 students! Self hall, the business building, underwent a $1.7 million renovation in the summer of 2007. It’s awesome in there. The classrooms are spacious and tech-friendly! There are also plenty of internship programs and job placement opportunities with our campus being so close to Jackson, the capital!

“The opportunities I have been given at MC and the relationships I have been able to form with my professors and advisors have been a huge blessing without which I would not be where I am today.”- Sawyer Smith, Business student, C/O 2013

“I am about to start my senior yeas an accounting major at MC. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at MC’s School of Business, and I am positive that my senior year will be the same way. My reason to brag about the business department is the faculty. Through the years, every professor I’ve had has been very polite and helpful. My adviser, Dr. Roberts, is the man. Stop by his office and talk to him before you leave MC! Also, I have recently met Michelle Ricker, the Dean’s assistant. She took great care of me. She is constantly helping us, business students, with any issues we might have, and she is always very willing and efficient. My favorite class so far was probably Management Information Systems with Dr. Pauli. It was probably one of the hardest too, but I learned some neat things, and he is a very entertaining fella who knows his stuff.”- Vinicius Neves Hiratuka (We just call him “V”), Senior Business student.

Taking care of Business,


3 responses to “Department Highlight: Business

  1. I love marketing, and can see why so many students would want to learn business. It is important to not only learn best business methods from school, but to intern from those who are successful in business and have a passion to mentor.

  2. It is impressive to see how many educational possibilities there are in the business segment in the US. Great that you have been able to renovate the building to improve the facilities for the students.
    Great job !

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