Favorite Campus Spots

Mississippi College has a beautiful campus.  The historical, brick buildings accompanied by all of the greenery on campus makes it quite easy on the eyes.  I love walking around campus and the quaint downtown Clinton to take it all in.  After living at Mississippi College and the Clinton area for three years, I’ve grown to favor some certain places around campus.

The Courtyard in Jennings Hall


Jennings Hall is home to the Modern Language, Sociology, Social Work, History, and English departments.  The Graduate Study Office and Language Lab are also located on the first floor of Jennings.  The best thing about Jennings is the courtyard located in the center of it.  With offices and classrooms along the outskirts of the building, there are tables and a fountain in the middle which makes for a great place to hang out or study.  A fun fact I learned from my grandmother who attended MC was that Jennings was a dorm and where she lived in the 60’s!  Dorm life in Jennings would be incredible!

Downstairs of Business Department

IMG_9026 IMG_9029

This gem in found in the bottom floor of Self Hall.  You can also get here through an outside door near the parking lot under the Medical Sciences building.  With leather chairs, a bar stool, tables, and flat screens T.V.’s displaying stock prices and news, this makes for a great place to study or hang out in between classes.

Dorm Spots

  • Courtyard behind Mary Nelson and the New Women’s Towers.  With tables and chairs along the brick steps secluded by the girls dorms surrounding it, this area makes for a peaceful area to study or for you and your friends to bring your Caf dinner to enjoy together.

IMG_9060 IMG_9061

  • Roof patios in the New Women’s Towers.  Both in the East and West Tower, you can access the roof where a patio is conveniently built to sit on.  You can see awesome views of campus and the city of Clinton from here.  Climb to the top floors and look out for a door leading out to the roof!

IMG_9064 IMG_9067

  • Deck behind Latt Webb.  With tables and chairs located on the red deck, this makes for another great outdoor area to study or hang out with friends.


  • New Men’s Lobby.  This is a great place to hang out with your guy and girl friends during visiting hours!  The lobby is a big circular room with tons of couches and a ping pong table!


Student Center

The student center or ‘Commons’ is a new edition to MC for students!  With tons of modern couches and chairs, flat screen T.V.’s, study rooms, and a ping pong table, the Commons is a great place to do a number of things.  Whether you want to relax with friends and watch some T.V. or just a place to get out of your room to study– this is the place to go.

photo (23) photo (22)

Aven Lobby


The lobby of Aven provides a great place to hang in between classes with friends or a lovely nook to read a book.  Aven is home to the Music Department, so you will frequently hear students singing or playing instruments.  Who doesn’t like to hear classical music serenaded to them every now and then while you’re getting into a good book?

Olde Towne Courtyard

IMG_9039 IMG_9040

Walking distance from campus down Jefferson Street, which is where our campus bookstore and Pimentos Cafe is located, this little courtyard is between 303 Jefferson (new restaurant) and Wyatt Waters’ shop (local artist).  With white lights strung throughout the trees, this makes for a lovely place to go to at night with friends or a place to drink some coffee and do some reading.  You might even find pieces of paper tied with twine to the trees that have secret wishes written on them.

I’m sure you’re all ready to find your own favorite spots once you arrive here on campus!  We’re excited for Move-In Day, it’s almost here!

– Jordyn

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