Welcome to Mississippi College, New Choctaws!


It’s Move-In Day and you are finally HERE!  Hopefully by now you at least have all of your belongings crammed in your room! (We warned you to not bring EVERYTHING to college) I’m sure you’ll be tweaking your room and adjusting those final details for the next week, but now you can start your college experience!

Classes DO start on Wednesday, or Monday if you have a night class, but Welcome Week festivities will be happening all week and they start TONIGHT!class

There are parent/student events going on during the day today, like the comedian Dennis Swanberg (The Swan) performing in FBC Clinton for the parent/student convocation at 2 p.m. and the prayer time and ice cream social at 3:30 p.m. in Provine Chapel.  You and your parents should go check out these events!

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Swor Auditorium is the Welcome Week Kick-Off!  Then what we’ve all been waiting for, Ben Rector will be performing on the Quad at 8:30!  All of the other Welcome Week festivities will follow after this throughout the week.  Check out a complete schedule for the week here.  Like the picture says below, hashtag ‘youarehere’ on all of your Move-In Day and Welcome Week pictures and the MC accounts might repost you!


If you haven’t yet, be sure to get your textbooks from the bookstore before classes start!  You will need your student ID and class schedule printed out so you can get your books.  Getting a planner from the bookstore isn’t a bad idea, either.  Get organized with your assignments!

Here are links to some of our blogs that we think can help you guys out and are good tips!

Student Resources

Path to Graduation

Career Services

Favorite Campus Spots

MC Social Media Accounts

We hope today has been splendid and that you are getting accustomed to MC well!  Have fun during Welcome Week!

– Jordyn

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