9 Reasons why you should come to Preview Day

Your friends in the MC Admissions Office have come up with 9 reasons why you should come to our upcoming Preview Day:

9.  It’s an all day hang out fest with students at MC – Scouts, club and tribe members, everyone, etc.


553751_10151448990000525_904030524_23729466_335704502_n8. We’re going to feed you. Free food man!


7. If you’re thinking about doing anything in the medical field then you get to talk with our esteemed faculty members and tour our brand new Medical Sciences Building including the Cadaver Lab! This will be an exclusive look into the labs that you wouldn’t normally get to see on a normal campus tour.


6. You get to experience what it would be like to be an MC student. You’ll be with students and be doing what the students do like hanging out on the Quad during the tailgate.


5. You could fall in love with MC. You never know what something will truly be like until you actually check it out.


4. The information you receive could help you determine what kind of college experience that you’re looking for. Check out big schools, small schools, medium sized schools, and every other kind of school to help you determine where you should be.


3. It’s parent friendly. Your parents could play a big role in your college decision process. We’ve got sessions and information specifically for them!


2. We don’t just want to recruit you. We want to get to know you.


(That’s our president, Dr. Royce, in a photo-booth)

1. Because it’s awesome. Let us prove it to you by watching this video.
Also as an added bonus it’s completely free! Let us know that you’re coming by registering here.

Hope to see you there!

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