Motivation Monday: Free Tunes

Monday has made yet another reappearance, but luckily it’s Labor Day!  So hopefully the Monday blues won’t catch up to you today.  What better way to enjoy your day off than to check out some free tunes?

We have previously written an article about Noisetrade, an amazing website where artists can upload their music, for free.  You can listen to the music before you download it and also choose to donate money to the artist if you would like.  No strings attached, you just have to enter in your postal code and email address so you can be sent a download link and so artists can know where their listeners are located.

I suggest to go to their website and check out all of the genres yourself, but I will list genres and some artists that go along with it that have their music on Noisetrade!


We are fans of Jars of Clay and have already written about them before, but they have a special live album featured on Noisetrade.  Click the links to check it out!


The Civil Wars also have a album on Noisetrade live from Eddie’s Attic.


Ike Ndolo is an artist I just found out about that seems very interesting.  Check out him for some soulful music.


The Ember Days are from New Zealand and offer a cool indie/worship mix.


Northern Nights from Indianapolis have a unique, country-pop sound, check out their single on Noisetrade.

Sheryl Crow came out with a new album ‘Feels Like Home’ and Noisetrade has select songs off of that album you can check out.


I have already written a post about Beautiful Eulogy and I want to encourage any hip-hop lovers to check them out.  They have such a unique sound and are not your typical rap group.

Propaganda is a artist you should definitely check out.  Multiple albums by him are on Noisetrade. He does a lot of spoken-word rap.


Braille is one of my favorite hip-hop artists right now.  He is one of the three members of Beautiful Eulogy, but also has his own projects. He’s been in the hip-hop scene since ’99.


Sun Rai is an Australian artist that has a jazzy and pop sound.


Analog Jazz is some straight up jazz. Check it out!


Ben Rector, who just performed here at MC during Welcome Week, has a sampler of different songs on Noisetrade.


Rival Summers is making me reminisce to Dashboard Confessional days, check out their album ‘Learning to Live’.


Matisyahu sounds very unique blend of rock and reggae and is comprised of four members.

I hope you guys will take advantage of Noisetrade and check out some free music!  Have a great Labor Day!

– Jordyn

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