Welcome Week 2013 Recap!

At MC, we know how to welcome new students and kick a school year off in big ways!  Welcome Week 2013 was an incredible week where all of our new students settled in to their new home by having one of the most fun weeks ever!

Welcome Week kicked off on Saturday when all of our new students moved in. But catch this: they didn’t have to move any of their own stuff! Our upperclassmen moved all of their clothes, furniture, and random items into their dorm room super quickly.


That night, we kicked off the week in a big way by having Ben Rector in concert!  He even wore an MC shirt to show how awesome he thought we were. 


Sunday, we had options to go check out the local churches in the Jackson area, and then relaxed in a fun way by having watermelon, a giant water slide, and volleyball games for our event called “Sunday, Funday!”


That night, we got classy at “A Night in Black and White with the Royces.”  You saw everything from black and white suits and dresses to black and white track shorts! It was a great time to meet our president, Dr. Royce.


Monday was filled with awesome road trips across the Jackson area to local museums, entertainment venues, and restaurants. But the highlight was an awesome night of skating with our Student Government Association!


Tuesday night was a super fun night where all the new students got to meet the cool upperclassmen in clubs and tribes at the Ross Barnett Reservoir!  There was live music, awesome fun, and even a boat ride that turned into a giant dance party.


Perhaps the biggest highlight of the whole week happened Thursday night, where we all went to the Fondren district of Jackson to the famous Duling Hall for “The Event!”  It was a crazy-awesome dance party full of glow sticks, balloons, a photobooth, and tons of Orange Crush soda!   In the words of a freshmen guy, “This is so much cooler than high school prom!”


But that’s not all!  So many  other events happened at MC during Welcome Week such as campus-wide worship, Happy Hour at Sonic, a midnight showing of The Sandlot on the Quad, and intramural games each day!

Ultimately, Welcome Week 2013 was the best week ever!  It kicked off a new year in a big and awesome way and we are so glad to have all of our new Choctaws here at MC!

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