Department Highlight: Kinesiology

Mississippi College offers 80 areas of study covering every area of a liberal arts curriculum.  One department that offers a lot of variety is our Kinesiology Department!


You might be wondering, “What is kinesiology anyway and why do I care about the program?”  Well, kinesiology is the study of human movement.  A lot of people interested in athletics choose this as their major.  As far as the ‘I Don’t Care Question’, thinking about what to major in is really important for high school students.  Some of you may have already started looking into what you want to study in college, and for those of you that haven’t, I really want to encourage you to!  Researching different career and major options is not too early, and this could save you loads of trouble if you wait till you actually get to college before deciding what to major in.  But hey, don’t feel super stressed to make a hurried decision about what to study.  Lean on God’s understanding and he’ll lead you where your path is already planned out.

Here are different areas of concentration in the Kinesiology Department offered by MC:

  • General Kinesiology – This will prepare you for a broad range of fields in Kinesiology.
  • Pre-Physical Therapy – This concentration offers prerequisites needed to apply to most physical and occupational therapy schools.
  • Physical Education K-12 – This prepares students to receive a teaching license in physical education.
  • Exercise Science – Provides the theoretical, research, and clinical experiences for careers in preventive and rehabilitative health settings.  If students wish to attend grad school, this concentration can be tailored to fit prerequisite needs.
  • Sports Management – This concentration is designed to incorporate liberal arts, kinesiology, and business to prepare students for working in the sports industry.
  • Sports Ministry – This unique concentration prepares students to work with Christian athletic organizations.


If you visit MC’s Career Services page, you will find information for each major regarding the job outlook and what kind of jobs you can get with your degree.  For kinesiology, some typical job options are an athletic or aerobics director, coach, exercise physiologist, fitness center manager, personal trainer, and many more!  Go here to view this job outlook page for kinesiology.

We’ve written some other department highlights about business, nursing, and communication that you can learn about as well!

– Jordyn

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