The Bloggers are Back!

Hi friends, it’s Elizabeth! Where has the summer gone? It never ceases to amaze me how quickly those three months flies by. Even though it’s always a bummer to see the summer come and go, I can’t help but get excited for the fast-paced, crispness of fall!

Here at The Choctawk, we cannot wait to get back into the swing of real college life. Yes, even classes…

If you’re new to the blog, welcome! We like to have fun here 🙂

The Choctawk blog is made up of MC students who want to share everything we know about college life with students like you! Sometimes people call us telecounselors, but really we’re just college students who go to class, eat in the Caf, go on coffee dates, and explore the odds and ends of Jackson, MS.

Aside from hanging out and doing life together, we telecounselors have the best job! We get to call prospective students and invite them to Preview Days, college fairs, and college tours. We also get to write fun blogs and post on social media about our lives and tips we’ve learned from college.

We’re far from perfect college students, but we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade and hope this blog will help make your college search a little easier. Searching and finding the right college for YOU is one of the funnest, most rewarding journeys of young adult life. Welcome to the college life friends! We’re here for you!

Now without further ado, let’s meet these telecounselors!

269689_4951800994671_114337930_nOur fearless leader, JJ Benson! An MC graduate, engaged to a wonderful man. She will soon be JJ Campbell!

68360_3840939823948_985964830_nMeet the awe-inspiring and purely influential Micheal Walley, JJ’s assistant, and a great dancer.

558792_10151339173497265_798419962_nLet’s not forget Morgan Gaughf. The girl with spunk and awesome hair. She’s basically the cutest thing ever.


Meet Cole Gresset. If you ever cross paths with this guy, you will never be the same. Note: fairy wings.

Meet the fabulous Hannah Terry! She brightens everyone’s day and always has a smile on her face. Well, except for this picture…

Bretton Crosby! This guy keeps us laughing, and often refers to himself as Bobby. Don’t ask.


Meet the beautiful Lauren Cullen! This lady is lovely inside and out, not to mention hilarious and adorable.


It’s Hunter Sandoval! Besides balancing coffee mugs on his head and wearing kitten frockets, he’s a pretty cool guy.309586_4685841357040_715698196_n

Meet Andrew Wilson! He wants you all to know that if you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space. Thanks Andrew.


Don’t forget Drake Terry! He has MC-colored bird friends. You know that’s cool.

Meet Jordyn Gunn! She’s probably the chillest person you’ll ever meet and she’s really into hip hop. Glad to have you, Jordyn!


The macho Kirk Bryant, ladies and gentlemen. He plays football. Yep, he’s a cutie, sorry ladies he’s got a girlfriend.


And this is Preston Dent. Enough said! 306060_10151210531257530_294399944_nAnd well, this is me! Elizabeth Moore–hello lovely people!

You’ll be getting to know these people pretty well throughout the year on the Choctawk blog. We’re so excited so share our lives with you!

What would you like to see put on the blog this year??

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