The Best is Yet to Come

Hey guys, Morgan here!

The cool thing about college (well, actually, about life) is that we get new beginnings. At the beginning of every semester, I get a semi-nerdy excitement about new classes, new people, new weather, new fun, new experiences, and new discoveries. My greatest talent is getting involved in as many things as possible and still being able to function. Also I love change. This fall, I began my junior year with a crazy busy schedule and some new things to look forward to:

New students:

This year we have a huge, brand new class of freshman students! I love seeing them get to know campus and I love their enthusiasm about all their new classes. I remember all the great times of my freshman year, and I get excited that these new students get to experience the challenges, growth, and fun that college brings!

Do I love studying? Um, no way.  For those of you in high school, I know you hate studying but here’s a piece of advice – learn to love it! Believe it or not, part of the growing experience in college is developing good study habits NOW that prepare you for the working world LATER!

coffeestudy2The most important thing about studying is the environment! Make it comfortable, fun, and relaxing! Give me a cup of coffee, a comfy seat, and a great environment, and I’ll do homework for days. My place is Cups, a local coffee shop right off campus. It’s a great place to study or have coffee with a friend. I’m looking forward to studying there and outside once the fall weather sets in!

New classes are always exciting, especially as I move closer to the classes that are specific to my major. My professors are so much fun and personal, and I love the way they spend time making sure each of their students are involved and informed!

Dorm Life:
Someone once told me that college is the only time that you can live right next door to over 50 of your peers. Popcorn parties, movie nights, borrowing clothes, baking cookies, ping pong games, jammin’ to good music, and encouraging conversations. What more could you ask for?? Dorm Life = THE life


Same Events, New Fun:  
The Fall semester is a beautiful time in life, especially on a college campus. Tailgating, Homecoming, Lighting of the Quad, Festival of Lights, Choctaw Fest, and many more campus-wide events! And did I mention the weather?! I can’t wait to rake a pile of leaves and jump in!

Study Abroad:
I’m making the most of this fall semester and all of it’s excitement because in the spring, I am heading to study abroad in Spain! At the end of last semester, one of my professors gave our class some good advice when she told us that the greatest time in your life to travel is in college, so make the most of it! A couple of Mississippi College students learned that studying abroad can be a growing experience academically and spiritually. Check out their adventures here and here!


Make the most of your last few years of high school – The best is yet to come!


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