#TBT Summer Memories from LFR

Hey friends! Hunter here to reminisce about my adventure this summer.

One of the better benefits of the collegiate calendar is the long summer break. This three-month period presents a great opportunity to work, travel, or serve in unique ways. The past two summers I have worked at Lake Forest Ranch (LFR), an outdoor recreational camp focused on sharing the Gospel and the love of Christ with children and youth.sunset

During the fall and spring, many different camps from all around the country come on campus and recruit students to work for the upcoming summer. During the Spring of 2012, I felt called to serve at LFR and ended up spending half of my summer there as a member of the work-staff. This past summer (’13) I returned to Lake Forest to work as a Counselor to students ages 6 to 19.

LFR Fire

My two and a half months at Lake Forest Ranch this summer completely changed my life and the way I view ministry.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my time at camp is the power of the Body of Christ when it works as it was designed to work. Part of working at a camp is becoming like family with individuals from different backgrounds, schools, and personalities while sharing the love of Christ and His Spirit living within them. Each staff member’s goal is to see the name of Christ lifted high, and this common theme binds us together.

IMG_5228One of the main passages of Scripture we studied this summer was John 17, the High Priestly Prayer of  Christ. In this prayer Jesus prays for the believers who would come to faith in Christ as a result of the work of His disciples. He prays that they would be united as one just as Jesus and the Father were one. I was able to experience the beauty of this oneness with my staff family this summer. In the hard times, they were there to build me up and encourage me with words and actions. In the good times, they were there to partake in my joy with me. Jesus prays that we would be one so that the world may know that God sent Jesus because of his love for us. When the church truly functions as one body, the world notices and is drawn to the love of God. I am so thankful for the family I gained at camp this summer and the lessons the Lord taught me through them.


– Hunter. Camp Counselor and Child at Heart.

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