Music: The Hunts

Morgan here,

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone.

You know what I love? Big families. You know what I love more? Music. You know what I love the MOST? Big families who play music together. If you’re a fan of any one of those things, then you’ll love The Hunts.


Meet Jessi, Jenni, Josh, Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, and Jamison Hunt (yes, that’s right). These guys are a fun group of siblings who have been making music together for ten years. Their indie-folk style and harmonies are unique and unforgettable. Their passion for music is inspiring.

Last summer, The Hunts spent some time ministering to orphans in Haiti through a two-week music camp. 100 orphans received new instruments and lessons with The Hunts.

Wanna see?

Right now, they don’t have a ton of music available but you can check them out on itunes and youtube or get to know them on facebook or twitter.

Happy listening on this spectacular weekend!!

Junior blogger, music enthusiast, fan of coffee, pumpkin bread, and fall.

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