Rushing 101. Generally Speaking

Hey guys, it’s Drake!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the college of your dreams. It’s your freshman year, and you can’t wait to get involved on campus. In fact, you’ve even gotten the chance to hang out with the president of the university.

ImageDr. Lee Royce hanging out with one of his homies.

All the organizations on campus seem so awesome, and you just have the urge to join them all!


(pic via

BUT THEN look who walks your way!

ImageCivitan pledges showing a crowd how it’s done during homecoming.

Who are these incredibly good-looking people in matching shirts? Don’t look now, but one of them is approaching you. No, don’t freak out! They just want to tell you to RUSH.

Image The 2013 general rush shirt in all its American glory.

Here at Mississippi College, we have an interesting mutation of the Greek system. Though we don’t have fraternities and sororities, we do have what we call service clubs for guys and social tribes for gals. There are currently 5 clubs for guys and 4 clubs for girls.

ImageRepresentatives of all the clubs and tribes  gather for a pic on Derby Day.

So now the question hits you: “HOW DO I GET INVOLVED WITH THESE AWESOME AND ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE?” Well my friend, let me tell you about the first step: General Rush, your golden opportunity to meet the clubs and tribes on campus.

At MC, general rush begins with an opportunity to hear all the presidents of these fine organizations.

ImageThe tribal presidents showing inter tribal love. From left: KT, ST, NT, LT.  (pic via Michelle Ladner)

Next, the tribes invite everyone rushing to enjoy two nights of rush skits. Rush skits highlight the personalities of the tribes, utilizing themes such as Scooby-Doo and Saved By The Bell. Take a few minutes and check out Swannanoa try to track down the Creeper with Scooby-Doo and the gang.

But the guys aren’t left out of this experience. They show videos featuring their club personalities in between the skits.

There are lots of tribe Rush Skits and club Rush Videos on YouTube. Check ’em out!

After the rush skits, it’s time for you to get up close and personal with the clubs and tribes. Guys come out to five rush parties, one for each club. Girls, on the other hand, have special events called Coke Parties. What exactly is a Coke Party? Drinking Coke and looking pretty. Those rushing wear any color of dress, but the ladies of the tribes dress in either all white or all black.









Finally, general rush concludes with the day everyone’s been looking forward to: PREF DAY! On Pref Day, you get to give your preference for which club or tribe you want to rush! After that, the specific pledging process for your club or tribe will be in gear! So enjoy it while you’re in it. It is called Rush, after all.



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