What About Parents?

Hey it’s me, Morgan!

I apologize in advance because I’m about to get really annoying.

Let’s talk about those two (crazy) people who raised you because they really are a vital part of your college decision: your parents.

Your relationship with your parents really is important during the transition from high school to college, even though you may not think so yet. Here are some tips on how to make the most of dealing with and appreciating your parents during your college search.

Communicate with them:

Talk with your parents about your passions, your plans, and your priorities. When you search for a college, ask for their input and guidance (Sorry if I’m annoying you.) Your parents know a thing or two about you, and they probably have a good idea about where you would succeed in school. Keep an open mind about your college choices.


Consider the scholarships, the atmosphere, the students, the faculty, and the academic departments that each college offers. Your parents will love you if you have researched graduation rates for your college choices. They might cry when you tell them how far away you’ll actually be from home. They’ll be impressed if you have looked into the special academic programs those college’s offer.
So do your homework!



Don’t just tell them what school you’re going to attend, include them in your decision. Most of you have parents who are helping you pay for college, so they want to be involved! Bring them on your campus visit! Show them why you love the campus and allow them to fall in love too!

I brought my parents to my campus visit and loved having them get to know campus. It was really comforting when they sat down with my admissions counselor and starting talking about the financial side of my admissions process. “YES! They are interested enough in Mississippi College to start talking details with admissions!” 

Pray with them:

For a while, I thought I was the only one praying and hoping that I would be able to attend Mississippi College, but I found out soon enough that my parents were praying that the Lord would lead me to the right place. We finally started praying together and asking God to be sovereign over every detail and every need that I came across on the road to college.

I could write a totally different blog on all the amazing ways that God provided for me during my junior and especially senior year. But that would take…well, another week to write.

One day, My mom came to me and said, “Morgan, the more we visit campus and the more people we talk to here, the more I think that this is the place the Lord wants you to be.” 

WHAT?! Okay, I could go for that. I was so thankful that I had involved my parents and that God used them to pray for me and eventually lead me to Mississippi College!

Pray FOR them:

Whether you believe it or not, your parents will miss you. Big time. Pray that the Lord would give them a peace about where you are (especially if that WHERE is a few states away). Pray for them to give you space and to understand when you get busy. Be considerate though. Share your life with them. Call them.


Make ’em proud: 

Show them your love for the social AND academic aspects of school (emphasis on the academic). Study, have fun, get a decent amount of sleep, and try to eat healthy. Make them feel really good about where they sent you.

Good luck!

-Morgan, lover of people, Mississippi College, and my parents.

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