Music: Propaganda

Hello to all my fellow lovers of music out there.  If you enjoy learning about truly unique musicians, I’ve got someone you need to check out.


Propaganda is a Christian underground hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, California.  He holds a degree in illustration and intercultural studies.  As a teacher turned musician, he’s not your typical rapper.   He incorporates a ‘spoken word’ style into his music that makes it similar to poetry.  Influenced by folk music, you can hear folky beats and electric guitars throughout his work.

Propaganda’s most recent album is titled Excellent and it is nothing but that.  All beats were produced by Beautiful Eulogy (check them out if you haven’t yet!) and are some of the most unique sounds I’ve heard.


Popular Christian hip-hop artist, Sho Baraka, is featured on the song “I Ain’t Got an Answer” which is a lyrically-touching song that speaks on the issues of parenting.  Members of Beautiful Eulogy are featured on “Lofty” and the folky beats ring out through this song.   Propaganda even shouts out Jackson, Mississippi in one of his songs!

Prop is a part of the record label, Humble Beast.  You can download his music and other members of the label from their website FOR FREE!

Propaganda’s themes throughout his music are all about the truths of a Christian living in the real world.  These truths can be beautiful, yet harsh, but it’s refreshing to see him addressing these issues as he does in Excellent.  Check out his Rap Genius page if you need help deciphering his fast-paced lyrics and want to dig deeper into the music like me!

While he chose a very humble stage name, Propaganda spits nothing but the truth.

– Jordyn, music lover & fan of keeping it real

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