Motivation Monday: Need a Pick-Me-Up?

Hey guys, it’s Hannah!

Do you need a pick-me-up?

Feeling a little down?

sad puppy

Did you hop on the struggle bus today?

strugglin cat

Well, chin Up!

chin up piggy

Maybe you just need a hug!

sloth hug!

*Research says that you need 8 -10 meaningful touches a day. (Ex: a hug or high five)

Have you had your coffee today?

otter and coffee


Then go relax and take the time to enjoy a nice latte.


Take a walk outside! Remember, it’s fall now!

dog playing in leaves

Stop. Take a moment and just breathe. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

chill pup

SMILE!  It’s hard to have a bad day after you smile, just because.

cute puppy pic~!

Remember… YOU CAN DO IT! Take on the rest of the day with your head held high!

happy duck– Hannah

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