Rush from the Independent Perspective

Hey. I’m Bretton. I’m one of the independents on the Choctawk staff. Before we move any further, let me take a moment and let you know what I’m talking about when I say “independent.” When the rush process begins, students have the opportunity to decide if they’re going to rush or not. If they choose not to rush, they are said to remain independent. This simply means that he or she doesn’t belong to any service club or social tribe. When the general rush process started, my roommate and I made an essentially unconscious decision to not rush. (We just didn’t want to go to the meetings.) Therefore, we are said to have remained independent.

Having said all that, let me clarify: I enjoy my independence. However, during Rush, everything can seem quiet if you don’t plan activities. So, for the beginning of rush, here are some fun activities to do if you’re remaining independent.

1) Lions Club Park.

Grab your neighbors who are also independent and go to Lions Club Park. There’s no better way to relive your childhood than going to the local park, swinging and seesawing for a while. It’s also only a few blocks away from our campus, so you could walk to Lions Club Park around 4, stop at Cups on your way and grab a drink, proceed to the park, play for a while, and eat at Pimento’s for supper on your way back. Win-win.

Lions Club Park in the heart of Old Towne Clinton

Pimentos, an MC restaurant in Olde Town.

2) Binge on Netflix.

There’s no shame in holing up in your room all night and watching repeated episodes of some show or a Disney movie marathon as long as it doesn’t happen every night. Popular show suggestions include The Office, Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, The Walking Dead, and Arrested Development. If you don’t have a Netflix account, no worries. Somebody on your hall does. Make it into a group activity. Two birds with one stone!

There’s nothing wrong with binging on Netflix

3) Explore Jackson.

Again, there are definitely people around you who have chosen not to rush. Clinton is situated in the Jackson metropolitan area which has more than a million residents between Jackson proper and all of its suburbs. There is ample opportunity for loads of exciting activities in the metro. There is a plethora of options: Renaissance, Dogwood Festival, Mac and Bones Mini Golf, Fondren, the Art Museum. There are tons of things to do in Jackson if you’ll just go find it. This is the perfect opportunity.

Brent’s Drugs is a super fun 50’s-style diner in the Fondren district in Jackson

4) Sleep/study.

I understand that this seems obvious/dumb, but consider yourself fortunate to be getting a proper amount of sleep and study time. This is college and sometimes the classes are hard. Study now, don’t freak out at finals. You’ll be able to go home with all A’s and your mom will be so proud; if Mom’s happy, everybody’s happy.

You don’t want to be this person

One last thing: If you decide not to rush, don’t sweat it. It’s extremely possible to be successful and be independent. One time somebody told me that independents didn’t have a social life. That’s a lie. You can be extremely social if you decide to be independent. College is what you make it. If you are intentional about meeting people and putting yourself out there, you’ll make friends. If rush isn’t for you, don’t freak out, branch out.

P.S. – Remember, if you decide to remain independent, you’re joining the largest club on campus.

“Rush” Independant because America

– Bretton

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