Department Highlight: Marketing

Hey people! It’s Jordyn to give you some insight about an awesome major Mississippi College offers: Marketing.


Our marketing major is a part of the MC School of Business.  They have a ton of helpful information on their website, so check it out if you are interested in a business degree!

People with communication skills are pretty important for this type of work. Marketing is centered around promoting a business and adjusting and focusing on a customer’s needs. Communication skills are key for a profession in the marketing field.

According to MC’s Career Services web page, some different jobs you can get in the marketing field are Advertising Sales Agent, Market Research Analyst, Marketing or Promotions Director/Manager, Sales Representative, Public Relations Specialist, or Retail Manager, to name a few.  The opportunities are endless. The MC School of Business adequately prepares students to have a variety of skills when they enter the work force.


With a marketing major, students will be required to take the University Core Curriculum, the Business School Curriculum, and the required courses for a marketing major.  After taking Marketing Principles, a core requirement for the Business Department, the courses taken by marketing majors are:

  • Personal Selling.  You learn how to become an exceptional sales representative and all about personal selling promotion techniques.
  • Retailing & E-Commerce.  Students get insight on how retail businesses work and learn about the Internet and its impact on business and sales.
  • Marketing Research. This is an in-depth study of using research techniques for marketing purposes. A real-world marketing research project is developed during this class.  I participated in a marketing research project with Newk’s restaurant when I took this class! (I’m a marketing minor) It’s very hands on!
  • Consumer Behavior.  Students learn about consumer behavior and purchasing patterns from a managerial viewpoint.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications. Communication is essential for a professional in marketing.  Students can learn about communication tools for advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations.
  • Marketing Strategy.  This is another great hands on class.  Students utilize critical thinking and the skills they have learned from previous classes to analyze data and make decisions based on business-related computer simulations.

Students are to choose one communication class out of the following:

  • Negotiation.  This is an excellent communication class. (I’ve taken it!) Students will learn about how to solve conflicts from an interpersonal and business perspective.
  • Public Relations. In this class students will learn how to build a positive image of businesses to the public and how to implement these plans.
  • Media Sales.  This class focuses on building techniques for promotional media sales and proper networking.

In addition to these classes, marketing majors can also choose a more specific marketing track to focus on, which consists of 12 hours (4 classes).

Students could choose a career track in Advertising and Promotion, Entrepreneurship, or Healthcare Marketing.  Go here to see the specific courses required for each career track!  These tracks are not required for a marketing major to choose, but are recommended to develop an area of specialty in marketing.

MC’s School of Business is the largest department on campus. Its mutil-million dollar renovation has large, stadium-style classrooms, up-to-the-minute stock tickers, and financial market feeds displayed on TV’s throughout the building.  The basement of this building, Self Hall, was actually featured as one of the favorite spots on campus!


I hope this helps you as you begin your college major search!

– Jordyn

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