Motivation Monday: Random Acts of Kindness

Hey there, it’s Hannah!



I love my dad. He is the kind of guy that is legitimately cool, incredibly wise, and straight up genuine. When you look at him, your day just seems a little brighter. Why? He loves the Lord and truly believes that God is in control. No matter how tough his day has been, he remembers that the Lord is with him and that is enough reason for him to smile. He calls it joy. Unlike happiness, which is circumstantial, joy is an attitude chosen when you trust the Lord no matter the circumstances. Whenever I call my dad, he always reminds me to choose joy.

choose joy

We also like to play this little game… it’s called, “How many people have you made happy today?” Crazy name, I know; but I love this because it takes my focus off of myself and onto others. Sometimes all it takes is giving someone a smile, or sometimes (in my dad’s case) it’s giving someone a job!


SOMETIMES, we make it a competition to see who can make the most people happy that day. But the best times are when we think of ways to make strangers happy. We will either buy someone’s coffee, or drive-through to buy the meal for the car behind us! Think how contagious this can be! This makes me think of that Insurance company commercial.

So I thought… what if there was a Random Acts of Kindness Day! A day where a group of people went and passed out flowers to mothers at grocery stores, or balloons with encouraging phrases on them to people walking across campus. What if you paid for someone’s coffee and left an anonymous note on the cup saying “Have a great day!” or left a note on a bathroom mirror saying “You are beautiful!” Just thinking about this makes me smile, and I’m not even getting anything! Do you see how this works? I hope you are inspired.

So go! Do! Give! If you are having a tough day, try making someone else’s day! It just might brighten your own.

Here is another great video that will just make you smile!

balloonrandom acts of kindness receipt

-Hannah 🙂

PS: If you want ideas of fun random acts of kindness, here are 134 Ideas!

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