What Happens On an MC Campus Visit?

Greetings, fellow members of planet earth! Drake here again!

So you’ve heard about this place called Mississippi College. You’ve visited the website. In fact, you might have even met an admissions counselor at your school. If you’re like me, he was some weirdo who looked like this:


But now you are ready to make a move. MC has come to you, now you’re ready to go to MC. You’re ready for YOUR VERY OWN PERSONALIZED CAMPUS VISIT!

Nelson-Preview-DayBut what exactly do you do during your awesome day away from your high school on our college campus? Here’s a little look into what goes down on a private visit:

1. You will enter Nelson Hall (the central building on campus pictured above) and meet with your admissions counselor!

group3I mean, they look pretty friendly, right? They’ll talk with you about MC and answer any question your mind desires to ask. (If you happen to meet with the weirdo in the first picture, feel free to ask him about turning 60. That’s a joke, but I still recommend it).

2. Next on your journey, you’ll take a trip around campus with YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL TOUR GUIDE!


At MC, we call these people Scouts. They’re students who love MC and who want to see you here! They’ll take you around campus; if there’s anything you specifically want to see, they’ll make sure to spend extra time at that location with you.

3. After your personal tour, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the class of your choice! In fact, you can even have a one-on-one meeting with professors and coaches.


This handsome fellow is my homeboy Dr. Page, whom I took for New Testament. I recommend getting to know him and his awesome Southern drawl. I mean, just look at that tie!

4. Finally, you’ll be treated to a meal in the caf. As my friend Andrew likes to say, “It’s CAF TIME!”

So now, you’re probably wondering: HOW DO I SCHEDULE MY VISIT WITH THESE WEIRDOS (Especially the one in the awesome tie)? Glad you asked. Simply click here, insert your information and the date you’d like to come, and we’ll take care of the rest!


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