So here’s the deal. I was home schooled.


People always ask me what my transition from home schooling to college was like, and I love answering.

A lot of people wanted to know about the social aspect of adjusting to college, but that wasn’t even a factor for me. In high school, I was (and still am) the craziest, busiest person around, and I absolutely love being around people all the time, 24/7, all day every day, non-stop — you get the picture. College social life was my regular stomping ground. I was like a kid in a candy store, running around meeting everyone in sight.

So right now you’re saying “Morgan, calm down and focus – I’m not as crazy outgoing as you are!!”

Don’t. Worry.

Home schooling affects your college transition, but don’t forget that personality affects it more. Some people are more outgoing than others and the social aspect of college doesn’t come so easy. So here’s my biggest piece of advice for you:

Don’t sit in your dorm.

Get out there and meet people.

Our friend Ben from We Bought a Zoo gave some great advice:

20 second of courage

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve walked through college with friends who were home schooled and friends who weren’t is that everyone transitions to college. Everyone freaks out before their first exam. Everyone walks nervously to the cafeteria, hoping someone they know will be there to sit with them. Everyone accidentally sleeps through a class. Everyone misses their mom (or at least her cooking).

But not everyone thinks Nikki Minaj is her fellow student. (Say hello to freshman Morgan. Weird hair and everything.)

So what about the academics?

This transition was a little harder to adjust to. In high school, I was used to getting my work done, doing some studying, and then having the nights and weekends to hang out and have fun. In college, I noticed that once classes were over, I still had work to do! Studying on nights and weekends became a regular thing for me in college. I’m just going to tell you now: some Friday nights WILL be spent in the library studying. You’ll feel super lame. Get friends to come study with you!

Advice? Well, for your transition from home schooling to college, my advice is to start preparing now.
You don’t have to start studying every night and weekend now, but take your classes seriously. When I started high school, my parents encouraged me to treat classes like I was in college. My sister and I dual-enrolled at a community college for credit and college experience.

Finally, when you get to college, day one, prepare yourself for weird questions and even weirder mistakes (consider one of mine, pictured above). Embrace it!


When I was a freshman, people asked where I went to high school and would react with surprise that I wasn’t wearing pajamas to class (because ALL home-schooled students do that right? wrong) or that I wasn’t socially awkward (because ALL home schoolers are right? wrong again).

So if YOU were home schooled – Don’t stress. College is a place where you will live and adjust with your fellow students and work through transitions together!


home school cartoon #2

-Morgan, former homeschooler, successful college student

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