State of the Fair in the Fairest State

Salutations, fellow inhabitants of the third planet from the sun!

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air. And while romance may be a part of it, there’s a slightly different scent I’m smelling.


Why yes, those are deep fried oreos! And let me tell you, they taste just as good as they sound (take that as you will). So where do you find these DELECTABLE GOODNESSES? Where else, but the MISSISSIPPI STATE FAIR!


Every October, the state fair invades the city of Jackson with rides, games, and DELECTABLE GOODNESSES.

So why should you care? Because one day you’ll be a student at Mississippi College (yes, I just predicted your future). It’ll be fall break or some day when you DESPERATELY need a study break. So what will you do? Take the short drive down to Jackson and enjoy a fairly inexpensive afternoon/night at the fair!

Image(pic via Leah Letson)

To convince you furthermore, here’s a list of my top 10 favorites things to do at the fair:

10. Take the lift- Before getting too specific, take the lift so that you can scout out your journey through the grounds of the fair.

Image(pic via Leah Letson)

9. Rides, rides, and more rides- Even though I’m not that into being a Dizzy Dan from fair rides, I sure do appreciate those who rise up to the occasion. Rides include the water log, the swinging pirate ship, and the alien spaceship. Mississippi, y’all.

photo (7)                                                                                                                                                             (pic via Charlotte Walker)

8. People Watch- You see some of the most interesting people this world has to offer at the fair. In fact, a few visit from other planets.

7. Pig Races- These take Charlotte’s Web to the next level. Yes, people train their pigs to race for the title of fastest pig. And that’s some ham, if you ask me!

6. The Giant Slide– The playground of your elementary days has NOTHING on this. And regardless of your age, you can slide on down the way.

5. DELECTABLE GOODNESSES- Penn’s fried chicken on a stick, funnel cake, free biscuits, cotton candy, corn dogs, and deep fried oreos make for the death of any diet. But it’s okay; the fair only comes to town once a year 😉

Image(pic via Leah Letson)

4. The Ferris Wheel- Chill and still after your meal. Take a few pics for your Instagram while you’re at the top, but don’t drop that…uhh…don’t drop your phone, kids.

3. Games!- You’re never too old to beat your friends at hitting a target with a water gun- especially when you can win a giant stuffed animal penguin or an inflatable baseball bat!

Image(pic via Leah Letson)

2. PET THIS ALPACA (and various other animals)- Come on folks, how could you ever resist?!?


1. TAAAAAFFFFFFFYYYY- Grab a box of the world’s greatest taffy. In fact, grab two. Like the fair, the box will go fast!

So you might think I’m silly, but that’s okay. After all, I’m just trying to be FAIR 😉

-Drake Terry

photo (8)                                                                                                                                                           (pic via Charlotte Walker)

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